Production and Formation Wastewater Treatment

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Production and Formation Wastewater Treatment

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GVOS utilized the latest technology in the Oil & Gas Waste Water Treatment and Disposal to serve the Egyptian Market with the highest performance and lowest cost.

GVOS utilized the Atomization technology in the Waste Water disposal, the concept is to reduce the water particles to the ideal evaporation size 75-100 microns plus a drifting tolerance, so the only evaporated substance will be the water while leaving behind all the solids and contaminations in the pond.

Settling tanks are used to remove all the oil contents to be treated using the TDU. Solids, Hydrocarbons, MEG & Paraffin will be solidified for a final disposal in an authorized landfill.

The above mentioned technology is currently implemented in the United States, Australia, Algeria, New Zealand and Kuwait in the Oil & Gas and the Industrial Waste Water Disposal as it follows global standards and saves the environment.

Atomization saves Money and Power which influences Oil & Gas Operators to environmentally treat waste water produced during production instead of releasing it to the sea water and generate pollution.

In comparison with old technologies for Waste Water Treatment, GVOS saved for Rashid Petroleum Company “EGPC Affiliate” 50% of the cost paid in the last three years, and in an Environmental Waste Treatment Method based on a Global Standard.

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