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ISS and its affiliates are multi-faceted service companies. Some operations performed regularly include washing with foam or fluids, squeeze and circulating cementing, drilling cement and bridge plugs, pulling and running casing and downhole cleaning services. Please contact your ISS representative for these and many more services.

International Snubbing Services, L.L.C.

strives to be the best in the business each and every day. We believe the status quo is not acceptable, and that there is always a better way to do things. Our commitment is to always be innovative in our thinking, strive to remain on the leading edge of technology, and continue to investigate and implement new and safe techniques that will protect the environment, increase our customer’s profits, and increase our value to our customers and potential customers.

Equipment Types and Designs

  • 600k Snubbing and Workover Jack
  • 420k Hydraulic Rig
  • 460k Snubbing and Workover Jack
  • 340k Snubbing and Workover Jack
  • 225k Snubbing and Workover Jack
  • 150k Snubbing and Workover Jack
  • 150k Double Long Stroke Unit
  • 120k Long Stroke Unit

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