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Hammam Treatment Facility is Located in the extension of the industrial area of Burg El Arab related to Marsa Matruh, and is located in this place to serve the Oil and Gas industry in the Mediterranean and Northwestern desert. Hammam Facility is totally dedicated for the natural evaporation of Production Waste Water. GVOS utilizes the latest technology in the Oil & Gas Waste Water Treatment prior to natural evaporation.

The natural evaporation ponds with a capacity 57,600 m3 are divided into 48 Ponds of surface area (30m x 40m) and are dedicated for natural evaporation of Oil and Gas Production Water. The yard operates 24 hours a day and is covered with a lighting system and safety signs to ensure a safe working environment. Roads are fully paved to ensure a safe water discharge from the trucks to the receiving ponds. Received Wastewater will be treated before being transferred to Natural evaporation Ponds.

The  scope for the treatment and disposal of Production Waste Water (PWW) coming from IDKU plant at Hammam Treatment Facility are divided into Four (4) main stages as follows:

1.            Offloading of the received PWW quantities.

2.            Production Waste Water (PWW) Treatment.

3.            Heating PWW to 40 °C above the ambient temperature.

4.            Discharging Treated PWW to the natural evaporation ponds.

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