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GVOS owns the first EEAA License in Egypt since 2005 for SALHYA Treatment Facility, a total surface area of 45,000m2; located in this place to serve the Oil & Gas industry in Ismailia, Portsaid, Delta, Gulf of Suez, Faiyum and Sinai in the part of Drilling and Operations Waste Management (OBM and WBM Cutting, Contaminated OBM and WBM, Waste Water Treatment….etc.), it operates during the 24 hours in order to cover all the customer needs and to handle all the received Wastes in the available time frame.

For safe operations , QHSE Engineers supervise the operation, ensuring that all employees are using the required PPE and follow the QHSE rules, as a complement for  QHSE , safety signs are distributed in the yard for a safe driving , indicating  Company QHSE rules. Salhya includes Caravans foraccommodation for GVOS crews performing the operations and it can cover up to 60 individuals.

TheMajoractivityapplied in Salhyais theOBMCuttingtreatment as theyard is equipped with six concrete storagepits isolated byPVC to avoid anyoil spillage, a total storage capacity of14,760 bbl. The blue square indicates TDU location which is utilized in theOBM Cuttingtreatment, TDUis consideredas oneofthe most efficient treatmentmethods available in theEgyptian market, due to thezero environmental impacts plus recovering all the excitingOil. TDUis utilized also in treating all the Oil receivedfromBurgEl Arab yard resultingfrom Wastewater Disposal.

A 400 m2storage areas is dedicatedforEnd Product storageAsh, Diesel recovered from theTDUis stored insteel storagetanks ofvariable capacitytobereusedin operating theyard, A 900 m2concrete baseis utilized forWBM fluid treatment viaCEC Unit, agroundtank of capacity120,000 bbl. is utilized forWaste Water Storage and Treatment.Salhyais acomplete facilitythat is operating24 hours.

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