Egyptian Oil Industry

egyptian oil industryThe petroleum industry plays a key role in the Egyptian economy. It is one of four main sources of foreign exchange with Egypt being currently an oil exporter. Egyptian oil production comes from four main areas: the Gulf of Suez, the Western Desert, the Eastern Desert, and the Sinai Peninsula.

In addition to its role as an oil exporter, Egypt has strategic importance because of its operation of the Suez Canal and Sumed (Suez-Mediterranean) Pipeline. These are two routes for export of Arabian Gulf oil. The Sumed pipeline is an alternative to the Suez Canal for transporting oil from the Arabian Gulf region to the Mediterranean. The 200-mile pipeline runs from Ain Sukhna on the Gulf of Suez to Sidi Kerir on the Mediterranean.

Is a leading oil and gas drilling and production services provider in the USA, Middle East and Africa.

The company offers onshore contract drilling services as well as production Services and has existing operations in the Egypt.

GVOS, INC is a trading company established in USA in 2012, specialized in trading and exporting oil and gas drilling and exploration equipment and rig maintenance based API & ISO certified to provide a comprehensive one‐stop‐shop for the oil and gas sector providing a diverse service Drilling Rigs & Work over Company recognized for its technical expertise, commitment to safety, and dedication to the protection of its clients’ long‐term liability. With comprehensive experience and skilled environmental professionals, we provide high quality service teamed with a network of nationally recognized disposal facilities, to offer efficient, cost‐effective, and environmentally sound solutions to Drilling waste management problems.




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